To All of our Valued Clients

Re: DOB Suspended Sites due to COVID-19

Dear Valued Client:

This update is being sent to notify all of our clients that the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has issued Buildings Bulletin 2020-004 (click here for the bulletin) directing all owners of construction projects that are not “essential” (click here to see the list of essential projects), to immediately secure job sites so that they can be shut down.

The Bulletin requires that all jobs that are shut down due to the Governor’s Executive Order regarding COVID-19, be inspected a minimum of once every week and on the day of and the following day of any high winds, severe rain or snow or other weather event. Any site that requires a Site Safety Manager (SSM), Site Safety Coordinator (SSC), or Construction Superintendent, must be inspected by someone who possesses a Site Safety Training (SST) Supervisor card and electronically file a certification with DOB. These weekly inspections must be documented and kept on site. 

There are a number of safety items that need to be inspected. We suggest that any project requiring a SSM/SSC be done by a NYC Licensed SSM or SSC. We are prepared to perform these weekly inspections and file the electronic certifications.

Another requirement is that any site that requires a night watchperson under the Building Code (i.e., any new building that has completed its foundation with a footprint of 5000 square feet or more) will need this person every day and night, 24 hours per-day, until the site is re-opened. We can also assist with providing this service.

Please note that DOB will be inspecting any job that is not in the process of shutting down. If a job is NOT an essential job and it’s actively performing construction not relating to safeguarding a project, DOB may issue a Stop Work Order and fine of up to $10,000 for each violation.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions or to coordinate these weekly inspections.

Thank you and please remain safe by using social distancing.

Andrey Vishev, President