Safety Programs Can Help Contractors Save on Insurance

Insurance companies can view construction as a high hazard business. Claims can also take years to work through because of the liability involving different parties. Securing favorable workers’ comp rates can help mitigate the costs of other lines of commercial insurance. An important step organizations can take to improve their workers’ compensation risk profile is to document a safety program that includes a proactive process that helps workers find and fix hazards.

The benefits of having a documented safety program are:

  •  Potential insurance savings.
  •  Recruiting advantage when looking for skilled labor.
  •  Safety programs can reduce injuries and claim’s costs.
  •  Safety programs can lead to a more productive and engaged workforce.

Safety programs should be reviewed regularly to ensure that they are accurate and current. OSHA estimates that programs can reduce injuries by 15-35 percent for employees who do not have a program set in place. Safety programs can fit any budget and any organization. In order to get started, follow the steps below:

  1.  Consult with a safety professional/organization. This helps ensure that the designed rules and regulations are being followed for your state.
  2.  Employers should document all aspects of their safety program and shared with new employees, insurance carriers, OSHA, etc.
  3.  All safety programs should start from the top with leadership’s commitment to safety and risk management, while setting goals for the organization.
  4.  Safety programs need to have a commitment from all workers.
  5.  After leadership identifies goals and seeks insights from workers, employers should identify and assess workplace hazards.
  6.  Employers should create a plan to prioritize and control the identified hazards.
  7.  A crucial part of controlling risk is educating and training workers.
  8.  Leadership should review safety programs regularly to determine the effectiveness and needed improvements.

It’s important to put your trust in a professional organization to help met these goals. City safety can write new programs or revise your current one with new updates. Put your trust in City Safety.