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Beginning March 1, 2021 construction and demolition workers must have a Site Safety Training (SST) Card issued by a DOB-approved course provider!

To be eligible to work on a project that requires a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Manager or Site Safety Coordinator, you must have the following:
1. Either 40 or 62 hours of SST training by 3/1.
2. Proof* of the SST training by 3/1.
3. New entrants to the workforce can take a 10-Hour OSHA course and receive a temporary SST card. This temporary card is valid for six months, and the additional 30 hours of training must be completed to obtain a full SST card.

*Proof of training is an actual SST card, copy of an SST card, printout of the front of the card, or digital card connected to an interactive and secure application.

(If the actual card is not with the worker, DOB will allow a 60 day window to obtain the actual card but proof of training must be presented upon request).

City Safety urges you to take the courses and avoid violations!

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