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Site Safety Manager Removal Changes!

NYC DOB will schedule the inspection for Site Safety Manager (SSM) removal. These items will need to be completed and submitted with the request.

Please be aware of the following operational changes.

How do I request removal from site safety?

The site safety request will not be processed until steps 1-4 below are completed.

1.            Request a Sidewalk Shed Removal (Full) request using the CSC Appointment Request Form.

2.            Once permission is granted to remove the shed, fully remove the shed from the site (See BC 3310.5.2 Presence at the site).

3.            Obtain a Letter of Completion for the Sidewalk Shed job in DOB NOW: Build or BIS.

a.            For DOB NOW jobs, the Progress Inspector logs in and certifies the Technical Report – Final, which will change the permit status to signed-off.

Then the applicant or owner can request the Letter of Completion from the Filing Action column on the job.

b.            For BIS jobs, submit in eFiling a certified TR1 for the Final inspection and a PW7: Letter of Completion Request.

4.            Submit a Sidewalk Shed Removal notification in DOB NOW: Build by selecting +Notifications from the dashboard.

5.            Request Removal from Site Safety using the CSC Appointment Request Form.

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